Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Lodge's accommodations?

You may be in the greatest of wildernesses but you would not know it from the accommodations we provide. There's more to a fishing adventure than world class fishing. The serenity of God's Lake is unexcelled. You'll have the freedom to explore the untouched wilderness or simply be a part of it, and with all the comforts of home.

Make yourself at home in one of our eight modern cabins. From rustic log to our modern chalet, each is well-appointed and furnished with every modern convenience you will need. Individual showers, flush toilets, oil heat, radio and yes, even television.

What a great place to come home to after a full day of fishing. At your leisure take that nice hot shower and relax. Then get ready for a really great time of fellowship and scrumptious eating at the lodge. No matter what the size of your party, whether one or thirty, we have the perfect accommodations for you. 

We have the little two person cottage; four ,six and eight person cabins, and of course the beautiful eight person chalet. No matter what your needs are we will be able to please you. 

At the lodge you will be able to relax in front of the fire and swap all those fish stories with friends and acquaintances from all over the world. Just stretching out in the lodge is a thrill. See all the wildlife mounts from the trophy fish mounts to the scrappy wolverine. 

At Healey's Lodge we provide all the comfort and conveniences of home because that's how we feel about our guests, you're family. 

What's the weather like? How should we dress?

Our weather is unpredictable. We can go from sunshine to rain (or hail and yes even snow in the spring months) in a few hours. Make sure you bring plenty of warm clothing including long underwear, warm socks, mittens, a warm jacket, hat, rubber boots (not waders) and an absolute necessity---a good rain suit. Bring "light" clothing. Being able to dress in layers is a good idea. You can always take off warm clothing but if you don't have's a long way to Wal-Mart.

Does the Lodge have access to the Internet and phone?

Yes. Wireless Internet is now available at the lodge, free of charge!

How are the boats equipped?

Healey's fleet of sleek 18 foot Lund boats, each equipped with a powerful Yamaha 40 HP engine, fish locators, ice chests, live wells, rod holders, spring loaded padded seats with backs and full floors, are easy to fish from and easy to walk through for comfort you would never imagine possible in a fishing boat.†

Do you have airport information pilots?

The God's Lake Narrows Airport (CYGO) is maintained year-round by the government of Manitoba (Tel: 204-677-6722). It is a certified airport, listed in Canada Flight Supplement. It
appears on VFR navigation charts. There are no landing fees on private aircraft.

The terminal building open 1300-1800Z and 1900-2115Z Monday to Friday. It is closed weekends and holidays. The airport has a telephone and washrooms. There is no fuel at the airport. It is not a customs port of entry. More information...

Are fishing trips offered to other areas?

Yes. Trips may be arranged to Red Cross Lake, Stull River and other surrounding fishing areas. More information...

Are food and meals provided?

We look after the details so you can concentrate on fishing and the natural splendor of God's Lake Narrows Lodge from the best shore lunch each day to getting your fish home fresh, 

How do we get to and from the lodge from Winnipeg?

Your safety, at all times, is of the utmost importance to us. That is why we go to the expense of using a registered professional airline service instead of trying to shuttle you back and forth on special charter flights and last minute connections with aircraft that happen to be coming into God's Lake. We have contracted with Perimeter Airlines, headquartered right in Winnipeg to fly our guests into the Narrows. This professional regional airline has been operating for many years and has a great safety record. 

Perimeter Airlines operates a fleet of fourteen Fairchild Metro 11 aircraft. The Metro 11 is a pressurized twin-engine turboprop aircraft that flies in the upper teers at approximately three hundred miles per hour.

The aircraft has a seating capacity of sixteen passengers however; they routinely operate flights with ten to twelve seats. The aircraft can be configured to carry a mix of cargo and passengers by simply relocating the rear bulkhead.

Perimeter Airlines provides DIRECT, non-stop service twice a day to God's Lake Narrows and, guess what? Flying time to the Narrows from Winnipeg is only one hour and twenty minutes.

Perimeter Airlines operates from it's own completely remodeled passenger terminal located at 628 Ferry Road. The terminal is located on the Winnipeg International Airport and is convenient to several hotels, restaurants and other services. Don't worry about parking your car, truck or even a motor home. There is ample free parking for all passengers.

This is just another way the Healey family reacts to make sure your trip is timely and safe. Your connections are easy to make and the trip up to the lodge is a fast one. One more reason to make Healey's God's Lake Narrows your destination for the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Is there Transportation from the Airport

A 15 passenger van from Kidds Limousine Service will meet you at the International Airport. They will pick you up at the International Airport and take you to another airport for your flight up to "The Narrows" or, if you are overnighting in Winnipeg, they will take you to your hotel and pick you up the next morning. There is no charge for this service.


Sometimes flight and travel schedules will warrant arriving at camp the evening before your fishing trip starts. There is an additional charge for dinner ($20.00 Canadian) and lodging ($55.00 Canadian) for that evening. Most likely you would be staying in Winnipeg the night before anyway. This way you will be in camp, well rested, with all of your gear and ready to go at 8:00 A.M.

What's the daily fishing schedule?

Begins not earlier than 7:45. This would be when you leave the dock. (Unless special arrangements are made through us with your guide). All boats depart from the dock not later than 8:00 A.M. Return to camp is between 5:00-5:30 P.M. in the evening. (Again unless special arrangements have been made).

Is Fishing allowed AFTER HOURS / EVENING?

Limited fishing in the evening (after dinner)may be arranged with any one of our guides. The guide uses his own equipment (boat, motor, gas etc.) and is paid directly by you for his services. One lodge boat and motor is available for evening fishing in "The Narrows".

What's planned for the last day?

You will be served a complimentary breakfast the day you depart for home. All flights back to Winnipeg depart the morning after your last day of fishing.

Is there anything special about the return trip home?

If at all possible, you should allow an extra day for travel on your return flight. While we do our utmost to get you to Winnipeg early enough to fly home the same day, (i.e. not overnighting in Winnipeg) we cannot guarantee this because the scheduled flights are not always on time. In most cases we do not have a problem with same day connections but we can never be sure.

Is there medical care is nearby?

While you will be in the heart of the northern wilderness, there is still first class and fully qualified medical service available at the God's Lake Nursing Station only a few hundred yards from the Narrows.


What's the daily schedule?

It's six A.M. time to rise and shine. What a great day! As you step out onto the cabin porch you smell the freshness in the air. The first thing you will notice is the quietness. A gentle breeze wafting it's way through the tall birch trees, and the raucous calling of the huge ravens as they begin to roam the forest. Better get ready, the day has begun.

Breakfast is served at 7:00 A.M. and is it a good one! All the bacon, ham, sausage, eggs, pancakes, french toast, fruits , juices and steaming hot coffee you can eat or drink. Chow down, cause you Ďve got a heavy morning of fishing ahead of you.

It's 7:45 A.M. The dock looks like a convention area as everyone prepares to head out. Even so, Dockmaster John Healey dispatches guides, boats, motors, gear, and shore lunch provisions with the greatest of skill; and now......... you're on your way!

After a full morning of fishing with the sun setting high in the sky, your guide says it's time for lunch. You know what that means. An experience that you have heard about, read about for years, and now it's going to happen.. "The Shore Lunch." Your guide seeks out the perfect spot along the shoreline and gently guides the boat on to the shore. There he will prepare the most incredible meal you will ever eat. Fish fillets from your mornings catch, fried potatoes, and all of the extras. It really doesn't get any better than this. You have a choice now. You can just sit on the shoreline and enjoy the beautiful scenery or you can take your rod and reel and walk along the shoreline and cast for northerns, walleyes and even an occasional lake trout. One thing is for sure, you'd better get rested because you still have the afternoon to go.

With a full day's fishing behind you, your guide heads for the lodge. It's been great. You think of all the fish you have caught and can't wait to get back and tell everybody about the big one that didn't get away. You arrive back at the dock around 5:00 P.M. Look at those catches the other guys are bringing in. Now comes the nice part. As for your part in the rest of the day, you will go to your cabin, get that hot shower, lounge around til dinner time and simply enjoy yourself. In the meantime your guide will take your fish to the cleaning house and skillfully fillet and flash freeze your catch!

Between 6:00 and 7:00 P.M. it's dinner time. Mosey on down to the dining area to your group's own private table. You will be served food fit for a king and all freshly prepared, During your stay you will dine on roast pork, ham, turkey, roast beef and rib eye steaks, all with a full complement of side dishes.

After dinner, it's time for story telling. Relax in the beautiful lodge den. Savor the steaming hot cup of coffee or your favorite drink and listen as the fishin' tales get bigger and bigger. When you have had enough for one day, slip off to your cabin for a good night's rest.


What's the surrounding community like?

Gods Lake Narrows is a community of around 100 people, located in northeastern Manitoba in Canada on the shores of Gods Lake. Besides Healey's Lodge, there are two businesses in Godís Lake, the Northern Store, which sells groceries, retail goods, hardware, furniture, visual equipment, recreational items and gas, and Burtonís Hotel. More information...


What's God's Lake like? How deep is the water?

Gods Lake is the 7th largest lake in the province of Manitoba, stretching over 400 square miles. It's about 75 meters at it's deepest point. More information...


What kind of fish are caught in the area?

Catches include Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Sturgeon, Walleye and Northern Pike. Healey's Gods Lake set the Manitoba record for Lake trout in 1998 (Est. 64-68 lbs Released). 


What are the record catches at God's Lake?

WALLEYE - 9 3/4 lbs 
LAKE TROUT - 68 lbs 
BROOK TROUT - 7 lbs 
WHITEFISH - 9 lbs 


When is Healey's Lodge open? 

May 20 to Sept 20 

It just doesn't get any better than this...
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