Where Is God's Lake Narrows Lodge?

God's Lake is located 375 miles north of Winnipeg, Manitoba in the northern area of the province. Less than 200 miles from the famous Hudson Bay area. 

Travel to the lodge is fairly simple. The only way to get to God's Lake in the spring, summer and fall is by air. Our all inclusive packages include round trip airfare from Winnipeg to the lodge and back. You may choose to fly into the lodge early on your first fishing day, or you may fly into the lodge the day before and have our delicious evening meal and an extra night's stay for only $75.00 (Canadian). The latter option makes for a much less hectic time and gives you the opportunity to get all your gear unpacked. Departure flights to the lodge leave as early as 7:00 A.M. in the morning with the last flight out at 3:30 P.M.

As the beautiful Metro-Fairchild prop jet lifts of from the Winnipeg International Airport you are on the last leg of your journey to the finest fishing in all of Canada. Of course, with that lift-off you leave behind about 98% of your fishing competition. One hour and fifteen minutes later you are landing at the beautiful God's Lake Narrows. 

Make no mistake!!! You will be fishing on the famous God's Lake, known not only for trophy northern pike, walleyes and brook trout, but also for the grand dame of them all, the majestic lake trout. Many a tale has been told of the monstrous fish that have been taken from the waters of God's Lake. Perhaps you have read about them in Outdoor Life, Field and Stream and Fishing. Maybe you have watched in awe as T.V. shows probe the depths of God's Lake and land the monstrous lakers and northerns.


A 15 passenger van will meet you at the International Airport. They will pick you up at the International Airport and take you to another airport for your flight up to "The Narrows" or, if you are overnighting in Winnipeg, they will take you to your hotel and pick you up the next morning. There is no charge for this service.


Sometimes flight and travel schedules will warrant arriving at camp the evening before your fishing trip starts. There is an additional charge for dinner ($20.00 Canadian) and lodging ($55.00 Canadian) for that evening. Most likely you would be staying in Winnipeg the night before anyway. This way you will be in camp, well rested, with all of your gear and ready to go at 8:00 A.M.

Your Return Trip

You will be served a complimentary breakfast the day you depart for home. All flights back to Winnipeg depart the morning after your last day of fishing.

If at all possible, you should allow an extra day for travel on your return flight. While we do our utmost to get you to Winnipeg early enough to fly home the same day, (i.e. not overnighting in Winnipeg) we cannot guarantee this because the scheduled flights are not always on time. In most cases we do not have a problem with same day connections but we can never be sure.


Getting To The Lodge

Your safety, at all times, is of the utmost importance to us. That is why we go to the expense of using a registered professional airline service instead of trying to shuttle you back and forth on special charter flights and last minute connections with aircraft that happen to be coming into God's Lake. 

We have contracted with Perimeter Airlines, headquartered right in Winnipeg to fly our guests into the Narrows. This professional regional airline has been operating for many years and has a great safety record. 

Perimeter Airlines operates a fleet of fourteen Fairchild Metro 11 aircraft. The Metro 11 is a pressurized twin-engine turboprop aircraft that flies in the upper teers at approximately three hundred miles per hour.

The aircraft has a seating capacity of sixteen passengers however; they routinely operate flights with ten to twelve seats. The aircraft can be configured to carry a mix of cargo and passengers by simply relocating the rear bulkhead.

Perimeter Airlines provides DIRECT, non-stop service twice a day to God's Lake Narrows and, guess what? Flying time to the Narrows from Winnipeg is only one hour and twenty minutes. 

Perimeter Airlines operates from it's own completely remodeled passenger terminal located at 628 Ferry Road. The terminal is located on the Winnipeg International Airport and is convenient to several hotels, restaurants and other services. Don't worry about parking your car, truck or even a motor home. There is ample free parking for all passengers.

This is just another way the Healey family reacts to make sure your trip is timely and safe. Your connections are easy to make and the trip up to the lodge is a fast one. One more reason to make Healey's God's Lake Narrows your destination for the fishing trip of a lifetime.

The finest fishing in all of Canada
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