God's Lake Award Winning Lake Trout

Just imagine, fighting your way up river, through some treacherous waters, even navigating those slashing rapids. It's a good thing our guide has run these waters so many times that he knows every single rock and hole, not to mention those dangerous whirlpools.

Sam Healey grew up on this river. From the time he was four, his daddy was showing him the ropes. Did he learn anything? You bet he did. We pull onto a rock and Sam anxiously points to a hole. A hole unseen by the fisherman but Sam knows it's there and has been there for many years.

"Okay Tom, cast that spoon up river and bring it down through that little swell right out there." Tom feverishly makes the cast to where he thought he should start. "NO! Tom! Get it in! You're way too short." Not wanting to disturb the lunker that Sam said was sure to be there, Tom quickly reels in his line.

Once more, Sam explains where the cast needs to go, and this time, it's perfect. The spoon rides the raging water for a few seconds and then, with a little flick of Tom's rod, he floats it for a second and then it starts its descent to the bottom. All eyes are on the line as it bows in the fast water and seems to drag the reluctant lure through what surely must be the deepest hole in all of God's River, and then, never has a line straightened out so fast and so tight. The big brookie had awakened!

The ultra light tackle seems to cringe at the abuse it is experiencing, but it holds. That brookie is going upstream and he ain't comin' back! Oh, yes he is! All of a sudden, the line starts to turn and there is an ever so slight slack in it. Sensing what was happening, Tom raises the tip of the rod and regains control of the challenge as the brookie covers thirty feet in less than four seconds. The eight pound line is tested to it's limit and it holds. A trip to shore in the boat and the step onto the shore line makes it possible to bring the brookie into shallower, calmer waters where the fish is netted.

The results? Tom holds the largest brook trout he has ever caught. Twenty four inches and it's a hefty seven pounds two ounces. Gently, ever so gently, Sam lifts the beauty with both hands and returns the brookie to the cold waters of God's River. Five more Master Angler brook trout were caught that day. Of course, they were all released, and are waiting for you in God's River.


Manitoba Record Lake Trout
Manitoba record Lake Trout caught by Dr. John Steele of Denison, Texas.

Want some more proof of our brook trout fishing successes? Just take a look at the Master Angler awards for brookies. Half the Master Angler brookies caught in Manitoba come out of God's River. That's an amazing record, and they're all here for you to catch this year. Come on up, the best hospitality and biggest fish are waitin' for you at Healey's God's Lake Narrows Lodge!

It just doesn't get any better than this...
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