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Red Cross Lake

Red Cross Lake is located approximately one hundred miles northeast of God's Lake Narrows Lodge. It is accessible by float plane only. Red Cross Lake is less than 200 miles from the legendary Hudson Bay and the old world town of Churchill.

This trip is for six persons. Your trip package starts in Winnipeg, Manitoba and includes all round trip airfares and lodging. You will be flown from Winnipeg to the beautiful God's Lake Narrows on Perimeter Airlines. Upon arriving at the Narrows, your party and all your gear will be loaded onto a large float plane and fly to Red Cross Lake. Your home for the next week will be log cabin with gas range, refrigerator and electricity provided by generator. Of course, you will want to eat a whole bunch of those walleyes you will be catching.

Three boats with motors and plenty of gas will be supplied and of course, you will be in touch with the outside world via a satellite phone system. You will have all the conveniences of home yet the greatest fishing you have ever experienced and plenty of time to leisurely enjoy such a great adventure. This is because your trip is seven full days. Fly in all the way from Winnipeg and you will be fishing that afternoon, and you don't fly out until the next Friday around noon.

This is not a trip for someone who is not a fisherman and a lover of the unspoiled wilderness. It IS a trip for the sportsman, the champion of the outdoors, the person who loves to fish and have great success doing it.

You can fish all day, or all night, early in the morning or midday. Whatever you desire, do it. Some of the best fishing is less that 300 yards from the cabin. There are no other cabins on the lake. There are no other fisherman save for Cree Indian on a rare occasion. 

Cost for this full seven day trip is $2200.00 in Canadian funds. This is an all inclusive price that covers everything except your Canadian fishing license.

This is really a fantastic price, especially when you factor in the exchange rate. Exchange rates are usually in the 40% range. This means your trip would be approximately $1560.00 in American funds.

Please check our rates page to see how the exchange is handled at the time of your departure for home.

Reservations are accepted on a first come basis. Book your trip now for the best available dates. A $300 deposit is required for each person to secure dates. 

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Contact us for information on arranging a fishing trip to Stull River or several other remote areas for a unique adventure.



In a far off corner, clear in the back of every fisherman's mind, there is a haunting vision of that special place, a place reserved just for me, a place where no one has ever fished. Why, I guess it would be so far back in the wilderness that the only way to get there would be by float plane. The fishing would be so good, you wouldn't even need a guide. It would be a place where I could fish twenty four hours a day if I wanted to and there would be no one else but me and my fishin' buddies.

As for fishing, it would be terrific! I would catch so many fish that I would actually get tired of fishing. Me and my buddies could go out less than an hour before supper and catch more fish than we could ever eat in one meal. In my dream I would catch six pound and up walleyes right and left and then go after some of those monster northerns. Why, I'd expect to catch some of those big ol' northerns that would be over four feet long, and there would be nobody around to bother me. 

I can see me getting up as early or as late as I want to. I could sit outside and listen to nothing but the sounds of nature. Look at that whiskey jack landing right by my foot. He's looking for a small piece of my toast. For being hundreds of miles out in the wilderness he's sure friendly. The giant ravens fly quietly overhead until something disturbs them and now there's such a ruckus you can't hear yourself think. Coming down a big pine tree is a marten. What a beautiful animal and he's mad, mad, mad. He is patiently waiting for me to leave so he can get to some of the leftover scraps from breakfast. 

A place like this would truly be a Shangri-la. A place reserved only for that small corner of the mind that is reserved only for dreams. Dreams that can never come true. Dreams like we used to have when we were small children. Oh well, we can always dream, or we can put wings to some dreams and turn them into a reality, for you see, there is such an experience as we have envisioned. There is a place where your fishing party can be all alone, where you will catch fish until you get tired and want to just sit and enjoy the beauty of an untamed wilderness. There are few places like this in the world, but there is such a place and it is called Red Cross Lake. 

It just doesn't get any better than this...
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