A Day Of Fishing At Healey's Lodge

As you step out onto the cabin porch at 6 A.M., you smell the freshness in the air. The first thing you notice is the quietness. A gentle breeze wafting it's way through the tall birch trees, and the raucous calling of the huge ravens as they begin to roam the forest. 

Breakfast is served at 7:00 A.M. and is it a good one! All the bacon, ham, sausage, eggs, pancakes, French toast, fruits, juices and steaming hot coffee you can eat or drink. Chow down, cause you‘ve got a heavy morning of fishing ahead of you.


It's 7:45 A.M. and all boats depart from the dock at 8 so the dock looks like a convention area as everyone prepares to head out. Dock-master John Healey dispatches guides, boats, motors, gear, and shore lunch provisions with the greatest of skill. Now... you're on your way!

After a full morning of fishing with the sun high in the sky, your guide says it's time for lunch. You know what that means... "The Shore Lunch." 

Your guide seeks out the perfect spot and gently guides the boat on to the shore. There he will prepare the most incredible meal you will ever eat. Fish fillets from your mornings catch, fried potatoes, and all of the extras. It really doesn't get any better than this. 

You have a choice now. You can just sit on the shoreline and enjoy the beautiful scenery or you can take your rod and reel and walk along the shoreline and cast for northerns, walleyes and even an occasional lake trout. One thing is for sure, you'd better get rested because you still have the afternoon to go.

With a full day's fishing behind you, your guide heads for the lodge. It's been great. You think of all the fish you have caught and can't wait to get back and tell everybody about the big one that didn't get away. You arrive back at the dock around 5:00 P.M. Look at those catches the other guys are bringing in. Now comes the nice part. As for your part in the rest of the day, you will go to your cabin, get that hot shower, lounge around until dinner time and simply enjoy yourself. In the meantime your guide will take your fish to the cleaning house and skillfully fillet and flash freeze your catch!

Between 6:00 and 7:00 P.M. it's dinner time. Mosey on down to the dining area to your group's own private table. You will be served food fit for a king and all freshly prepared, During your stay you will dine on roast pork, ham, turkey, roast beef and rib eye steaks, all with a full complement of side dishes.

After dinner, it's time for story telling. Relax in the beautiful lodge den. Savor the steaming hot cup of coffee or your favorite drink and listen as the fishin' tales get bigger and bigger. When you have had enough for one day, slip off to your cozy cabin for a good night's rest.



Limited fishing in the evening (after dinner) may be arranged with any one of our guides. The guide uses his own equipment (boat, motor, gas etc.) and is paid directly by you for his services. One lodge boat and motor is available for evening fishing in "The Narrows".



Even with all the planning you do there will be something you will forget. Don't worry. Our tackle shop will have just what you need. Hooks, line, sinkers, lures, spoons and jigs, whatever you need you can find in our tackle shop. We have a number of fishing rods and reels which our guests may use free of charge. We do not supply any tackle free but "light" rod repair (such as broken tips) is available free of charge. 


Most likely many of the lures you have in your tackle box right now will do just fine. However, one lure that you cannot do without is the "5 Of Diamonds" (#2 size) It's a killer on northerns. A #1 does pretty good on walleye and a larger #5 is great for lake trout.


Use large 5 of Diamonds and other large spoons, large Mepps spinners, red eye spoons, magnum Rapellas, Big Doctor spoons, Zara Spooks and any large stick baits and plugs.


Use the Five of Diamonds (#2), Doctor spoons, diving baits, crank baits, top water lures or buzz baits.


Use Wally divers, ( purple is a good color), Little Georges, jigs, all colors flip tails, Rattle Traps and spinner baits.

Fishing really doesn't get any better than this...
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