Your Manitoba Fishing Paradise

Imagine an invigorating ride out on a mirror-still lake in the crisp morning air as bald eagles soar gracefully overhead. Moose watch from the trees near the shoreline as you stow your fishing gear, lures, tackle box and prized fishing rod and reel. Settle back in your spring loaded seat as your guide confidently heads you toward the best day of fishing in your life.

Healey’s God’s Lake Narrows Lodge was already a favorite for its world-class trout fishing, homemade hospitality, outstand food and natural serenity long before the Manitoba Department of Fisheries in Winnipeg certified its all-time record Lake Trout in 1998. Sixty-five miles of shimmering, crystal clear waters dotted with islands wrapped in breathtaking beauty… all invite you to reserve your fishing trip to paradise.

The Healey’s hearty hospitality from this working wilderness outpost, not only welcomes dignitaries and celebrities like Alex Debogorski from Ice Road Truckers but hunters, fisherman, travelers and adventurers year-round.

Your anticipation is so intense that you seem to be moving in slow motion as you attempt to quickly snap that brand new “five-o-diamonds” on the swivel hook. Finally you’re ready and the first cast of the day slaps against the crystal clear water and then disappears. You go to the power handle and start the retrieve. What’s that? Did I feel a tap? Before another thought enters your head, your rod is almost jerked from your hand as the huge northern makes his play for what he thought was going to be an easy breakfast. For what seems an eternity, you match wits with the foe on the end of that new line.

Gradually the huge northern is sapped of his strength and is brought up alongside the boat to be netted by the guide. But then… as the huge northern sees the boat there is another long run and the fight starts all over. Twenty minutes later, once again the trophy is brought to the side of the boat and this time is netted. Into the boat he comes, all twenty-nine pounds of him!

Healey’s fleet of sleek 18 foot Lund boats, each equipped with a powerful Yamaha 40 HP engine, fish locators, ice chests, live wells, rod holders, spring loaded padded seats with backs and full floors, are easy to fish from and easy to walk through for comfort you would never imagine possible in a fishing boat.

It just doesn’t get any better than this…

Healey’s God’s Lake Narrows Lodge
Manitoba, Canada R0B 0M0
Lodge (204) 335-2405
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US (800) 353-9993
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